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Tool "QR Codes" : On-Line Find-&-Purchase Cards


On-line find-&-purchase cards allow for the user to get to his or her own proofs and order quickly.The base of the technic is the card shown below.

Exemple de carte d'évèmenent

The photographer shoots the card before shooting the subject. A script will then reunite all the shots between cards to the previous card. The access code is sufficiently random that only the proofs concerning the subject will be available to him or her. The website can then also automate the purchase of files and/or prints.

The QR code only, in this case, references the short code and not the full URL. This is a choice to ease the automatic recognition.

A Travelling Photo Studio

Three Portable Studio Flashes

I have different solutions for bringing professional light with me on a shoot. The first are very powerful, 500 watt-second Elinchrom strobes with modeling lights that require being plugged in. The second is up to four very powerful wireless flashes The stand and flash, pictured above with a umbrella, but also perhaps with a portable softbox would suffice for taking pictures of groups in a restaurant for example. The lights come with various accessories, such as reflectors, umbrellas, stands and the like. If natural light is available, we may use that too.

Backdrops and backdrop stands are available : black, white, grey, and green. The green is used for dynamicly replacing a background. On location, it is also desireable to use the available decor.


Still & Video Candids

Portable Flash, Stand and UmbrellaThe photographer may also roam.

A single flash on a light-stand with umbrella or softbox can bring a agreable light to ad-hoc group portraits.




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