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Special New-Year's Eve!

I am free for photography, fusion videographie and/or assistance at your New-Year's Eve 2013 / New-Year's Day 2014 events! If you are organising, covering, or know of an event that could use my services, please contact me for arrangements and a quote. Here is more information on my portable studio.

My Services in Photo & Videography

I take pictures of people, places and things. I can report, shoot from my studio at Fontenay-aux-Roses, or set up a studio or external enviromnent in Paris. Feel free to consult my portfolio for examples.

For controlled-lighting quality portraits, family, animal and group shots I can use my studio in Fontenay-aux-Roses, bring my full studio or mobile equipment to your location. I either use 500-joule Elinchrom strobes with the works and a background (portable) or a series of wiresless 58-index flashes. Shots are with nice prime lenses on appropiate 5D mark II and III equipment. I also can take pictures of a person in his or her environment. Natural lighting is also a beautiful option.

Product shots with controlled lighting can also be at my location or yours. I have a 45mm shift and pivot lens that also gives more flexibilty to the product shots.

Appartments, interior design, and/or architecture benefit from a 24mm and 45mm shift and pivot lenses and strong wireless flashes if necessary. I can stich photos and process as well.

I do Fusion Photo/Videography : the art of shooting video and stills at the same time. I use two cameras, one set on a tripod, and fast cards allowing me to shoot pictures with a minimal delay to a video feed. High-quality stabilized lenses allow me more mobility with lighter rigs.

I retouch the photos myself, either on-location with my tablet/stylet computer or at home with my more bigger disk space.

My Services for Photo & Videographers

I can assist you in my native capacity as an information technology project consultant and/or as a helping hand on your assignments as a second camera or an assistant.

My classic IT project services are fully detailed on my "Managence" website dedicated to that activity : Feel free to check it out. Special prices and a special place in my heart are reserved for photographers and fusion photo/videographers. My passion for our common profession will allow me to better serve you.

Get to know me and I can help you in other capacities. I am flexible, reliable, faithful, and willing. If you would like a hand on a shoot, in whatever capacity, feel free to contact me in order to work something out.

As a courtesy, I like to reference friendly photographers on this site. I hope to find assignments, but I also hope that we all find assignments. If a prospect finds another photographer on this website for his or her needs, than that's great. I hope there will be work for us all, and I hope that I can associate myself with great photographers, perhaps such as yourself.

I abide by the ethics of the profession and of professional organisms dedicated to photography in France where I live.



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