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Kevin Hayden, a Scottish Photographer in Paris

Kevin's website is visible here:

Kevin covers marriages (and proposals!), takes portraits, and is versitile, as well as animating workshops. I find Kevin's approach to be very human, and delicately soft. Kevin has also been kind enough to give me pointers when I covered an Agile progmming event, and in professional self-respect. I hope to continue to associate with Kevin. Looking at Kevin's work, I am reminded that there is so much beauty to observe around us.

Gwen Rasmusse, Cooking Up Beautiful Imaged Recipies in a For-Rent Studio at and in the 18th Arrondissement Paris

Gwen and Sylvain run an agence de création culinaire "S'cuiz-in" at this website:

Gwen's work is more than photographic. Setting aside her doctorate in math, Gwen will imagine recipies, cook them, and then take breath-taking pictures of the creations with already numerous books to her name. The pictures are taken with a Canon 5D mark II or mark III mounted on a view-camera with a Rhodenstock lens. The studio is a beautiful white space with skylights and strobes, agacent the the kitchen, agacent to the restaurant. To top it off, Gwen also retouches her own photos, and rents out the space for photo, video, and culinary events.

Ernie Matozz, a Pro-Am Italian Fashion Photographer proposing a Tea-Time Communauty for Advanced Amatures

Ernie and Edd Matozza offer multiple workshops allowing serious enthusiasts to discover fashon photography in a "Tea-Time Photo Shooting" website visible here:

Ernie's day job is similar to mine : information technology (although, Ernie seems to be more into operations as a service-delivry manager whereas I target projects). Edd, Ernie's brother, is very active and does the ingrateful work of setting and cleaning up, and general assistant photography work when he isn't taking pictures with his Hassenblad. They bring four 1000 joule strobes and wonderful toys to each of the shots. Without this opportunity, I would never have been able to see some of today's professional equipment. Thank you so much!



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